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Lost Hills: News

The Lady in the Harbor - January 30, 2017

I wrote this song last night against the backdrop of nation wide protests over our illegitimate president's despicable deportation orders. But I didn't write it as a protest song. It's a heartfelt homage to the Statue of Liberty, great lady that I have had the privilege of meeting a couple of times in my life. At the end of the day, we are all immigrants, or descended from immigrants. Even my Native American friends, I am sure, all have ancestors who arrived here by ship. My own heritage, as far as I have been able to determine, goes back to before the American revolution, and is entwined with the Native American culture, but still, I am descended from immigrants. 

Ultimately, we are all one. And America has always been the place where anyone can come to leave the past behind and begin their lives anew. May it always be so. And may those who wish to defile that vision fade into the dark mists of infamy.

This song is for the beautiful lady of the harbor.

The Troubadour Show - November 21, 2016

John Godfrey is playing one of my songs, Lies Don't Mean Nothing To A Rambler, from the album, Highway 58, on the Troubadour show. It's an awesome show. If you're into Americana/ Roots Music/ Alt. Country you should check it out.

You can listen here:

Album Release - November 20, 2016

album cover

I have a new album out. It's called Highway 58, and it's a homage to my favorite California back road.

Highway 58 runs out from Barstow to Santa Margarita, out across the desert, cutting through the Southernmost pass in the Sierras, wandering through the farmlands and oil fields of the Central Valley, and winding out across the Coast Range to the sea. I have found a lot of good stories out along that road, and I put some of them on this album. 

I have some CDs on order, and right now it's available for streaming or downloads through Bandcamp. 

My 2008 release, Put Them Ghosts To Sleep is available through Bandcamp, also.

Atascadero News - July 1, 2015

Steve Key gave me some good creds in an article for the Atascadero newspaper about our upcoming Woody Guthrie Tribute:

Words about the Woody tribute

Allyson Oken of Atascadero News asked me these questions about our July 10 Woody Guthrie Tribute at D'Anbino:

1) What inspired you to start Tribute nights around the county?I hosted tribute nights long before I moved to the Central Coast eight years ago. I did them in New York, Washington DC, and Nashville TN. My first Woody Guthrie tribute was in the Bronx, about 25 years ago. The tribute format brings together audiences and musicians in a different way than our usual focus on songwriters playing their original songs. Perhaps the audience enjoys coming out to hear songs they already know and love. The musicians enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for writers who influenced them. 


2)  How did you connect with artists Steve Fort, BanjerDan, Max Martinelli, Lost Hills, Dan Daniel, Derek Senn, yourself, Rob Kimball, Aaron Porter, and Donna Lynn Caskey to make up this night of Guthrie covers?

Steve Fort lives in Santa Barbara, has played the tributes I host at SOhO, and has also joined us several times over the years to play his original music.

Max is fairly new to us, has played two showcases of his originals, and this is the first time he's playing a tribute with us. I'm looking forward to hearing his interpretations of Woody.

BanjerDan is a friend from my East Coast days -- he grew up in the DC area, and we played many shows together back then.

Lost Hills is a modern-day Woody Guthrie. He walks the talk, playing on the streets, performing at political events. His original songs remind me of Woody's Dust Bowl ballads. Lost Hills is the real deal.

Dan Daniel plays often on our Sculpterra showcases. He writes socially-conscious songs, so I thought he'd be perfect for Woody.

Derek Senn was a big hit at our recent Bob Dylan tribute at D'Anbino in Paso Robles. I love his wry sense of humor, his clever lyrics. Funny storyteller, great stage banter.

Rob Kimball has played many showcases and tributes. He's a true folkie with roots in the '60s, covering the likes of Fred Neil and Steve Gillette.

Aaron Porter has the kind of voice that would turn all four chairs on that TV show, "The Voice". His first tribute show with us was a John Hiatt show about 3 years ago. His version of "Angel Eyes" stole the show.

Donna Lynn Caskey comes up from Ventura, with her banjos and Appalachian charm. She played our Dylan tribute at SOhO. She digs into the traditional roots of Woody's songs.

Me, I discovered Woody's music while living in New York in the late '80s. I've hosted and performed at a couple dozen Woody tributes over the years. He wrote so much, there's always something new to discover.


3) Who of the group sounds most like Woody? I'll vote for Lost Hills on that one. But then, perhaps Max will surprise us.


4) Do you hope to preserve and share the history of great musicians with these events? All I hope to do is have a great time, and be able to connect audiences with the excellent musicians from here in our backyard.


5) How do you choose musicians to play at these Tribute Nights? I host 3-4 showcases per week, so I get to work with a lot of musicians. Over the year, it's more than 200 shows, and 500 different musicians, both local players and touring acts. Sometimes I'll invite performers who have done well at previous tributes, sometimes I'll try a newcomer just to keep it fresh.


Pete Seeger Tribute - April 1, 2014

The Pete Seeger Tribute at the Steynberg Gallery, in San Louis Obispo was a gas. It was a Songwriters At Play sponsored event and I shared the bill with great Central Coast song writers. Drove out across the Carizo to get there and drove home via 166 and Mil Potrero Highway in a rain storm. The show was sold out and the audience was great. I love an audience that will sing with you. Steve Key always rounds up a great bunch of performers for these events and I was proud to be part of the show. I did We Shall Not Be Moved, Bring Them Home, Down By The Riverside and Joe Hill. Got Home around 1:30 AM, played my songs over again for the Wind and Rain, and woke up to a late March snow. Here's a pic from Carl Adams Photography:

Dylan Tribute Article - May 15, 2013


‘All-star lineup’ booked to play Bob Dylan tribute

Kern River troubador Lost Hills will be one of many acts paying tribute to Bob Dylan on Thursday, May 9, at SLO Down Pub in Arroyo Grande. //Contributed

Nine individual performers and a trio will wish Bob Dylan a happy birthday with a tribute performance at the Songwriters at Play Showcase set for Thursday, May 9.

The all-ages concert will take place from 6:30 to

9:30 p.m. in the SLO Down Pub, 1200 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande.

“May is Bob Dylan’s birthday month, so we’ll celebrate his music with an all-star lineup of performers,” a Songwriters at Play spokeswoman said.

The lineup includes Sus Corez of Ventura, Jack Kovacs of Los Angeles, Kern River troubadour Lost Hills and local trio Side Effects.

Also scheduled to perform are Brad Kyle of the Dr. Danger Band, Sebastian Luna of the Skeleton Crew, Holly Ann Phillips, Rob Kimball, Aaron Porter and Steve Key.

There is no cover charge for the show, but a tip bucket will be passed for the performers, the spokeswoman said.

For more information, call SLO Down Pub at 481-4067 or visit www.slodown or

Posted Friday May 3, 2013

Treehuggers Ball - July 19, 2009

I had a great time playing for the Treehuggers Ball this year. It's a fundraiser for Canyonlands Defense Fund, who are working dilligently to protect the last wild spaces in Orange County. I did a few Woody Guthrie songs last year and it went over well, so I amplified it this year and did dust bowl ballads for the majority of my set. I got a lot of great feedback on the Guthrie material, and got a nice mention in the Orange County Register.

Tree Hugger's Ball celebrates canyons Silverado Canyon event is dedicated to preserving and protecting O.C.'s wild lands.
The Orange County Register
People enjoyed the outdoors at the Tree Hugger's Ball held at the Cornerstone Ranch in Silverado Canyon on Saturday.
The event featured music, food, guest speakers and a Go-Green Expo. Entertainment included singer Archie Logsdon of the band Lost Hills.
The Tree Hugger's Ball was hosted by the Canyon Land Conservation Fund, a local nonprofit dedicated to preserving and protecting the remaining wild lands in Orange County.

Singer Archie Logsdon of the band Lost Hills plays for the crowd at the Tree Huggers Ball held at the Cornerstone Ranch in Silverado Canyon. The Tree Hugger's Ball is hosted by the Canyon Land Conservation Fund, a local non-profit dedicated to preserving and protecting the few remaining wild lands in Orange County.


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