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Lost Hills: Calendar

Brighthouse Cable

Coffee House Sessions

Channel 300
Bakersfield California 93208

I did a set for Brighthouse Cable's new show, Coffee House Sessions. I taped it back in December and it's on air now. I did three original songs, Lies Don't Mean Nothin' To A Rambler,  Put Them Ghosts To Sleep and Places We Used To Know. It's available On Demand any time on Channel 300 for Brighthouse Cable subscribers in Bakersfield, Tehachapi and Santa Barbara. It was a gas to do. They're sending me a dvd and I'll post one of the songs on the site when I get it.

Here's a video from the taping:

Songwriters At Play

Live Radio

1200 E. Grand Ave.
Arroyo Grande California 92340
US (805) 481-4015

Sometimes I play over on the Central Coast for Steve Key's Songwriters At Play song writers showcase. He has a regular radio show on The Krush, 92.5 FM, San Louis Obispo, and I've been on it a few times. He has the shows archived on the Songwriters At Play website and you can listen to them anytime. Here are some shows that I played on, and you can hear some other fine Central Coast song writers, too:


#21_Townes Van Zandt Tribute

(Songwriters At Play!)
June 2, 2012
Amber Cross, Randall Lamb, Steve Key, Lost Hills, Gary Foshee, Ted Waterhouse

#40 Woody Guthrie 100th Anniverary

(David Carroll, Erin Inglish, Steve Key, Lost Hills, BanjerDan, Gary Foshee, Randall Lamb, Ted Waterhouse, Don Lampson)
July 12, 2012
Live sound by Steve Key. Produced and voiced by Cliff Stepp

#55 Modern Afternoon, Lost Hills, Kyle Williams

(Melody Klemin, Carmine Terracciano, Modern Afternoon, Kevin Quinn, Jimmy Townsend, Chad Schmid, Lost Hills, Mare Wakefield, Bill Lanphar, Kyle Williams)
September 25, 2012
Live sound by Steve Key. Produced and voiced by Cliff Stepp

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